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We’re here to help amateur sports officials feel confident and look professional. Whether it’s your first game or 5000th, we guarantee you’ll look the part.

A Game-Changer For Amateur Sports Officials

As one of only four umpires to call over 5,000 Major League Baseball games, Gerry Davis understands the pressure when you step out with the greatest players in the world. If you don’t feel like you belong, it’s hard to focus on giving your best.

About halfway through his storied 40-year career, the Missouri native could no longer ignore a major problem with umpire plate shoes. He and his fellow umpires had a tough choice: A lightweight athletic shoe that offered little protection or a clunky, steelworker-type boot with a heavy guard but poor mobility. It was a lose-lose situation, leaving the umpires feeling uncomfortable on the biggest stage.

With a vision to change the game for amateur umpires, Gerry approached a local manufacturer, and the Gerry Davis plate shoe was born. People all over the country soon wanted a pair of the best umpire shoes in baseball. After that, came requests for other equipment and uniforms, and so did officials from other sports—and from other countries!

Gerry Davis Sports quickly became known as the most reliable retailer in the game for sports official pants. The Davis Charcoal Umpire Pants were the first umpire pants on the market to feature an expansion waistband, and they are still our most popular product every season.

Soon after, Gerry designed the adjustable Davis Basketball Referee Pants and Davis All-Weather Football Referee Pants. Customers have trusted Gerry Davis Sports ever since, and we have now been proudly serving the officiating community for over 25 years.

Our Ground Rules

Dedicated Customer Service

Officials like you are our #1 priority. For over 25 years, we've built a reputation for delivering quality equipment and apparel for referees and umpires at every level.

Professional Quality

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and an official who looks the part gains instant credibility with coaches, players, and fans. When you shop with Gerry Davis Sports, you’ll look and feel like a professional every time you make a call.

Following Through With Great Delivery

We’re serious about this game. We serve amateur sports officials across the world, and make it easier than ever to get the pro look. When you place your order, we move fast, and offer free shipping on orders over $99.

Vision For The Future

Looking back on his career, Gerry feels incredibly fortunate to have been a part of Major League Baseball for over 40 years. We believe the great officials in sports should never be forgotten—nor should they feel out of place when they’re on the field.

As Gerry Davis Sports continues to expand its manufacturing operations, we will continue to raise the bar for all our existing customers and the wider amateur sports officiating community.